"Our eyes tell us what a dog appears to be,

His pedigree tell us what he ought to be,

But, it is his offspring that tells us what he is,"

Nancy Certain

At Certainly Fabulous Frenchies, we take responsible dog ownership seriously. We are retired and no longer breed Frenchies. We will keep the website up as it has some valuable information for first time Frenchie owners. 

Owning a Frenchie takes effort. It's not like turning on the television and being entertained. You have to feed, water, walk, train and entertain your dog.

Letting a dog join you on life's journey is a big decision. You will be living together in the same space, eating at the same time, sharing friends and playing together. Sharing your life with a dog requires a commitment to caring for another being—one who cannot care for himself. The decision is no different than if you want to have a child.

Think hard about whether the time really is right for you to own a dog. If you have any doubt, don't get a dog. It's not fair to the dog.  Click here to learn more about French Bulldogs, visit the French Bulldog Of America Web Site.

Frenchies Are Fabulous
However, they are not for everyone,

Frenchies have special needs and are not necessarily the best choice for a first time dog owner.  Living with them is not the same as looking at them and admiring them. They are not tolerant of high temperatures or the cold; they are not dogs you go jogging with; they are stubborn and sometimes have selective hearing; and it can be frustrating to house train them. Frenchies are indoor dogs and  require air conditioning in summer weather.  However, those of us who are owned by them could not imagine life without them.  If you are considering purchasing a French Bulldog puppyclick here to learn more before you make a decision. 

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Above are some of our frenchies and relatives to our frenchies. We prefer the European bloodlines because they tend to be more athletic. Most of our dogs are related to SUPER BULLI LA MONARCHIA-MIRABEAU.  He is pictured below and above.

Molly a Great Granddaughter
image  Robin a Granddaughter

Terry a Great Granddaughter